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Let Americans Decide:

Growth Energy is proposing that America transform the way it plans for its energy future – a future that includes greater freedom for Americans to choose their own fuel at the pump.

Right now, Americans have no choice in their fuel. Sure, the signs over the stations are all different, but underneath they are all selling the same thing: gasoline refined from oil, two-thirds of which is imported.

Americans deserve a choice between oil and renewable, homegrown fuel.

American Jobs:

In 2010, we produced 13 billion gallons of ethanol, an 800 percent increase and another annual production record. This production accounts for 10 percent of the nation's gasoline supply. In doing so we eliminated the need for more than 300 million barrels of imported oil. Ethanol is domestic, supplying nearly 400,000 jobs in 2010 from agriculture to manufacturing to the service sector. It is also made from renewable resources.

E85 a Clean Air ChoiceTM

A typical FFV driver can prevent 4 tons of lifecycle CO2 and other pollutants from entering our air every year by simply fueling with E85 instead of gasoline. Additionally, using E85 can reduce ozone-forming pollutants by 20% and evaporative emissions by 25% or more.”




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e-85 conversion kit 


Our E85 conversion kit works in concert with your vehicle's fuel trim system. Flex-fuel vehicles have a fuel trim system with more capacity for positive trim than the positive trim capacity in a non flex-fuel vehicle. By inserting a digital signal processor and some electronics between the ECM and the injectors, we can add some positive trim to help the non flex-fuel vehicle reach the amount of positive trim necessary for correctly using ethanol. This added trim, combined with what the ECM can provide, allows the ECM to trim the fuel to reach the proper mixture for E85. Our converter has an internal adjustment which allows it to be tuned to each vehicle and the range of fuels typically being used. We have found that a setting of about 60% of the converter's positive trim works very well for the vast majority of vehicles and ship converters set to this level.

 I Can't Always Get E-85?

With the extra trim from the converter, can I still use regular gas? Yes! The vehicle's ECM can also generate significant amounts of negative trim to lean the mixture. The ECM monitors the oxygen sensors and adjusts the trim to achieve the proper mix for the fuel being used. For example: When a fuel such as E10 is being burned, the total positive trim needed would be less than what is provided by the converter. The ECM's fuel trim would lean the mixture by generating negative trim. This, combined with the positive trim added by the converter, results in the correct fuel mixture. A factory adjusted converter won't add so much positive trim that the ECM would have difficulty trimming for regular gasoline, so you can easily use petrol when you need to .

True Cold Start TM